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Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
one easy to use, flexible software system.
About GlitterPaw Features, History & Future

GLITTERPAW'S MISSION: Provide a simple, unified CMS for any small business to use with a minimal learning curve. Continue to unify popular, and Google suggested features into the CMS so small business owners never have to pay a 3rd party extra monthly fees. Ensure that all unified features are correctly programmed for optimal SEO on all levels.
  • Built in SEO features - easy to manage on a per page and per product basis
  • Library of forms, content layouts, animation effects and other features built in.
  • GlitterPaw has it's own Shopping Cart and merchant system that connects with
  • GlitterPaw is PCI-DDS compliant, although you still need to get your own certification.
  • PayPal BuyNow button integration on a per item basis
  • Contest Module - allows for video, voting, photo or question/answer contests. If you think link building is a hard process then you seriously need to run contests on your website.
  • Unlimited Pages - Create as small or as large of a website as you'd like.
  • Flexible Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Accounts - they create an account to tie into purchases, the Bridal Registry or the Wish Lists.
  • Testimonials Module - Allow your customer to leave testimonials right on your site, and show the overall rating.
  • Blog Module - including typical features like keywords and comments
  • Newsletter Module - Build and archive your newsletters on your website then copy the code so you can send it via email.
  • Article Module - Create a library of educational articles that add incredible SEO value to your site.
  • Contest Module - allows for video, photo or question/answer contests. If you think link building is a hard process then you seriously need to run contests on your website.
  • Bridal Registry - you manage it, customers can look up details online.
  • Product Catalog - We've tested catalogs up to 60,000 products.
  • Multiple Product Photos - 7 photos per item, plus 2 more through the Content Swap
  • Unlimited product categories

GlitterPaw's History

GlitterPaw Software is a second generation CMS that evolved from the Psiclopedia™ eBusiness System.

Programmers of the original (proprietary) Psiclopedia eBiz System created many features for all it's users, but never paid attention to usability or minimized code bloat.

The "Psiclopedia GlitterPaw" system was born in 2008 with the mission to start over with a much more efficient system that included only the features that most users would need. The eBiz System was 11 years old when it was retired, and many features from the late 90's and early 00's were not needed any more.

In August 2008, after the first few months of positive user feedback and amazing flexibility we realized that "Psiclopedia Junior" was going to far surpass it's "Psiclopedia eBusiness" father. Eventually we just dropped the Psiclopedia name and started calling it the "GlitterPaw Software."

The Future of GlitterPaw Software

GlitterPaw is supported for up to 3 year after being installed.

Usability tweaks continue every day and module features are periodically added.

GlitterPaw Software can be installed using the WebDNA Server Module edition on a VPS hosted with GoDaddy. Customers who sign up for VPS hosting through Stellium Networks (a reseller for GoDaddy) will receive free server installation and configuration, but you are still required to purchase the WebDNA license directly from the WebDNA Software Corporation.

CLICK HERE to read more about the Future of GlitterPaw Software.

Any WebDNA programmer can be hired to manage the system or support the code. You can use the WebDNA Software Corporation website to locate programmers, or you can hire Sapphire Collaborative since they use GlitterPaw all the time.

GlitterPaw Software is backed by an insurance policy!

Many website agencies will recommend using open source technology to build websites, which is not a bad idea if you have the deep pockets to pay for continual security patches updates to your site when your CMS is upgraded.

Some agencies will even use fear tactics that you should never use proprietary technology online, because, what would happen if your website company went out of business? Therefore, they say, it's better to use open source software so you can hire any Tom, Dick, or Harry to take over your site if your web firm goes under.

Although GlitterPaw Software is readily available, and can be supported by any WebDNA programmer, most of the users are clients of our subsidiary company, Sapphire Collaborative, who offers GlitterPaw only as a SaaS solution.

The CMS has been in development since 1997, in fact the term "content management system" wasn't even coined back when we started programming it. As of 2017 our CMS is already in it's 12th version. It's older than WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, and many others.

For us, there's no worry about the longevity of the software or what would happen if one or both of the owners were to suddenly die. Stellium Networks isn't a public company, but our company maintains Key Man Life Insurance for the owners as a way to guarantee continuity of the business for the sake of our clients.

What other small business takes such steps to protect their customers like that? We're betting all the naysayers using fear tactics are not.