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A Website Platform for Jewelers
to Make Your Mark.

Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
one easy to use, flexible software system.

GlitterPaw Expertise

GlitterPaw Software might seem light weight and fast, but it's also very flexible. This mentoring program is designed for anyone who wants to understand the hows and why of the way things work, so you can do it right the first time.

Start your GlitterPaw implementation right with a dedicated GlitterPaw Mentor who will guide you through the different phases of your website setup, from installation to website launch. Our Mentors are also available to step in at any junction of your GlitterPaw Software Open Source implementation and assist with any of the services below.

Talk with a Mentor – 1 Day

Determine objective
Telephone interview

Setup Website - 1-5 Days

Configure Virtual Private Server
Install WebDNA
Install GlitterPaw Software
Lay out website tree
Name Pages
Build pages

Content Entry Jumpstart - 1-5 Days

Help you gather your content
Entering initial content into CMS
Training to understand how initial content was entered
Training to understand how new content can be added

Product Entry Jumpstart - 1 Day

Training on the product catalog system
How to enter new products
How to choose different product layouts depending on needs
How to make product appear anywhere on the website

Social Media Jumpstart - 1 Day

Creation of a Facebook Application
Syndicating Facebook Content
Changing Facebook Content
Setting Up Facebook Reveal Pages