GlitterPaw Omnichannel Platform gold pawprint logo GlitterPaw
A Website Platform for Jewelers
to Make Your Mark.

Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
one easy to use, flexible software system.


Customer Accounts provide necessary tracking of
clients' needs, and their previous orders.
Customer accounts and administrative accounts are stored differently within GlitterPaw. Unlike WordPress systems which share Admin level permissions with user accounts, GlitterPaw has multiple account databases to keep permissions clean and logins flexible.

This allows you to be logged in as a user at the same time you are logged in as an Administrator; which, of course, means easier testing during the setup of your website.

• Unlimited Administrative accounts

• Administrator can assign permission levels to other admins

• Customer accounts for shopping, wish lists, wedding registry, secure areas

• Customer order tracking

• Customer management

• Customer messaging (limited feature set)