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Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
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Customer Accounts

When you're setting up the website or new features, sometimes you need to be logged in as both and administrative user and a customer user.

On most other CMS you would need to open 2 different web browsers to do that, but not with GlitterPaw.

Accounts are stored differently so you can log in as both a customer and an admin at the same time while using the site.

Website owners can manually add accounts to the website or you can invite users to sign up and enter their own information. When a customer creates an account they are sent an email as verification.

Customers are forced to used their email address as a user name, and they have to verify that email before they can fully use their account.

Customer Accounts
Example sugnup screen.
Customer accounts are also created automatically when someone makes a purchase through the shopping cart.

Users with website accounts can also access and maintain their Wedding Registry and Wish Lists.

A special "lockdown" mode is available for iPads and other tablets that allows website owners to run in-person events. During these events all the attendees can share a single tablet to add items to their wish list.

The lockdown mode assumes all users are trusted, and those in attendance will appear in a quick drop down list so they can log in and out quickly without typing.