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Paragraph vs. WYSIWYG

Content is King! That's what all the SEO guys say.

Paragraph vs. WYSIWYG
Screen shot of editing a paragraph
in Classic Mode.
For us, content is a "block" of information that we need to display somehow on the screen. GlitterPaw stores these blocks as "paragraphs" within each page.

Sometimes, like this page you are reading now, the paragraphs are displayed as simple text on the screen. Sometimes the paragraphs are fancy and control the functionality of a JavaScript.

Paragraph copy is handled as pure text typed into a large HTML textbox. The formatting and design is applied through preset CSS that you control as part of your template. GlitterPaw has a standardized set of CSS styles that you can easily change.

Paragraph vs. WYSIWYG
Screen shot of editing a paragraph
in Editor Mode.
On the other hand, if you prefer to use a "What You See Is What You Get" type editing, then you can switch to "Editor Mode". This does allow for more editing features without needing to worry about HTML coding. However, beware of code bloat!