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A Website Platform for Jewelers
to Make Your Mark.

Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
one easy to use, flexible software system.

Start Simple and Grow

GlitterPaw is simple enough to learn in about 3 hours, even if you are not a computer expert, yet powerful enough to grow into whatever you need.

GlitterPaw doesn't load you up with complex setups. Instead we want you to start, load products, and finish as fast as possible. We've organized the product entry screens and the product category setups to allow you to start simple, then grow when needed.

Have you ever heard someone say, or perhaps even said something like this yourself: "I don't know what all this is for. I ignore it and use just what I need."

Many users said that to us a few years ago with our first generation CMS, and we took it to heart. Now GlitterPaw has a "simple products" mode and an "extended products" mode. Start with simple products so you're not overwhelmed, then turn on extended products when you are ready for all the bells and whistles.
Start Simple and Grow
Simple Product Category List.

Start Simple and Grow
Product Category View in Extended Mode.