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Customer Notifications

Customer Notifications
Sample of messages seen during the checkout process.

Customer notifications is certainly an area where GlitterPaw's Shopping Cart excels.

Built in is the ability to show a message as either the header or footer of each checkout step. You can use these are directions, shipping notices, tax notices, or whatever else seems important.

Customer Notifications
This is the Edit Messages screen as seen in the "Stand".
To the left you see the message setup screens. This is where you would set the on-page messages as well as the email notifications that are automatically generated to the staff, and to the customers.

You can also indicate what email address each message is sent from for each email group type.

GlitterPaw has the ability to send thank you messages, purchase notifications, accounting notices, and fulfillment requests all to different people.

Customer Notifications
Built in invoice sample.

As part of the system, GlitterPaw also has the ability to print an invoice and a packing slip for each order.

This difference is that the invoice includes a price, as is expected you would fax or mail it, and the packing list doesn't include a price or payment information.

Customer Notifications
Sample of built in packing list.